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Programs in English

Major Orientation: Insurance, Finance, InvestmentTraining Objectives: Training senior specialists engaged in financia...[more]

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Short-term Programs

Short-term Programs


To meet the global popularity of “Chinese-learning fever”, the International college of Ningbo University offers different levels of Chinese courses to students, the core courses including elementary Chinese, Chinese reading, Chinese listening, Chinese speaking, etc. Except the core courses, students may also choose Chinese culture, Chinese Economy, calligraphy and painting, Kung fu, etc as their optional courses.


Chinese Language Training Program


0.5 to 2 years, spring semester commencing in early March and fall semester commencing in mid September


Core Courses: Elementary Chinese, Reading, Listening, Speaking, etc.

Optional Courses: Chinese Culture, Chinese Economy, Kung fu, Calligraphy and Painting, Preparation for HSK, etc.


Over the age of 18 and in good health condition

Application Documents

1. Application Form for International Students' Admission to Ningbo University

2. Photocopy of passport


RMB 8,000 per semester for regular class; RMB 16,000 per year for regular class

Application Time

All year round