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International Students

Ningbo University set internationalization as a main goal of development and strives to promote the education for international students. It formed a strategic plan for the international cooperation during 12thfive-year plan of the country in 2010 and aimed to reach the number of international students of 1000.

During the restructure of sectors in 2009, the university decided to put Foreign Affairs Office and International Students Affairs Office in one organization to facilitate the internationalization of colleges and faculties within the university and the education for international students is also one prominent part of the mission.

Ningbo University established the relationships with the agencies in different countries and rely on the scholarship from ministerial, provincial and municipal level to recruit international students mainly in South-East Asia, Africa and South America.

In 2011, the university gave 5 million funds to employ foreign teachers and professor to teach in Ningbo University and send the teachers to overseas universities learning teaching methodology, curriculum. It started to offer 6 programs taught in English such as Clinical Medicine, Mechanical Engineering, International Economics and Trade, Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Administration and Master of Aquaculture.

The well-furnished accommodations, western style restaurants and Muslin food restaurant are provided for the international students.

So far, there are more than 2400 international students including short term students and degree students in Ningbo University.

The international students are actively participating in different competitions in national, provincial and municipal level such as Chinese Bridge Competition, which enrich their study life in Ningbo University.