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News & Events
Delegation from Tamatave visited Ningbo University
2012-06-15 10:38  

In the afternoon June 7, the delegation from Madagascar visited Ningbo University. Professor Zhao Fa, Vice President of Ningbo University met the delegation

During the meeting, professor Zhao extended warm welcome to the delegation and introduced the Ningbo University. Mr. Zafindrabary, the major of Tamatave expressed the great thanks to the university to host the delegation and introduced the economy, education and culture in Tamatave. The two sides also discussed about the establishment of partnership between Ningbo University and University of Tamatave, attracting more students from Tamatave to study in Ningbo University and also Ningbo University help city of Tamatave develop the Chinese language education.

The Tamatave delegation’s visit set up a great platform for our university to promote the exchanges and cooperation with universities in Africa and also brought great opportunities for us to recruit more students from Africa and also promote the Chinese language education in Africa.

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