Programs in English

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Programs in English
Programs for International Students
2015-06-10 20:37  

Bachelor Programs in English


1. Logistics Management


2. Architecture


3. Mechanical Engineering and Automation




5. Business Administration


6. International Economy and Trade


7. Finance


8. Accounting (CPA Canada)


9. Financial Engineering


10. Actuary


11. International Law


12. Computer Science


13. Visual Communication Design


14. Product Design


15. Fine Arts


Bachelor Program in French


1. Tourism Management


Master Programs in English


1. Business Administration


2. Aquaculture


3. Fishery Resources


4. Materials Engineering


5. Communications and Information Systems


6. Port and Shipping Technology and Management Engineering


7. Sino-Australian MBA


Master Program in French


1. Tourism Management


Doctoral Program in English


1. Aquaculture


2. Fishery Resources


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