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Faculty of Business
2013-03-09 09:26  

School of Business, Ningbo Univesity is the first established faculty in the university. Its predecessor is the Department of Industrial and Commercial Economics, established in 1986 with Professor Wu Bolin as the Founding Dean. Over 2,900 students in undergraduate and graduate programs are currently pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degree in NBUBS. With Promoting Economics Culture,Cultivating Business Elite as its mission, NBUBS devotes its efforts to cultivate creative and innovative business talents, orienting to the local economic development.

Major of Undergraduate and Graduate: There are 8 majors of Undergraduate, including International Economy and Trade, Finance, Accountings, Business Administration, Information Management and Information System, Marketing, Economics, and International Economy and Trade (English-Spoken). Among them, International Economy and Trade is the key major on the level of province, city, and university; High-level Trade and Finance is the key service major of Ningbo; Finance and Business Administration are city-level key major, Information Management and Information System is university-level key major. There are 8 majors of Master candidate: International Trade, Regional Economics, Mathematical Economics, Enterprise Management, Industrial Economics, Finance, MBA, and MIB.

Faculty: there are 74 professors and associate professors, 56 PhDs, and nearly 30 academic leaders of social science in Ningbo, including New Century Excellent Talents, 151 Project Talents of Zhejiang Province, young and middle-aged discipline leaders of colleges and universities in Zhejiang province, and a Yongjiang Scolar in school of business. Some of them have won the title of National Advanced Worker, Excellent Staff of Ningbo City and many awards of Ningbo University, incorporating “Top 10 Professor”, “Top 10 Teacher”, Xu Wangyue special award, Wang Kuangcheng nurturing talents award, and so on. School of business has established an excellent faculty composed of academic leaders, backbone teachers and a large number of young teachers.

Education of Students: The College emphasizes the education of students’ innovation ability and practical ability, underlines no-breaking in practical training and in innovation training, realizes the well interact between the first classroom (in university) and the second classroom (outside university). The students have gotten high scores in “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduate Business-Starting Plan Competition and National Undergraduate English Competition, won two top grades in National Undergraduate E-commerce Competition. In advanced studies, the students have gotten high rate of master candidate’s enroll, some of them have entered famous university, such as Peking University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Nankai University, etc. The best students can get the opportunity to visit abroad universities which have established the coordination relations with Ningbo University.

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