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Faculty of Science
2013-03-09 09:32  

Ningbo University's Faculty of Science was founded in April 2000.The faculty consists of a Mathematics Department (founded in 1956), a Physics Department( founded in 1956), an Applied Technology Institute( founded in 1988) which, among other things, is involved in research into Membrane Separation, a Theoretical Physics Institute( founded in 1994), and most recently a Mathematics Institute( founded in 1999).
The Faculty has 109 staff including 10 administrative staff, 1 academician, 16 full professors, 34 associate professors and 53 teachers,. Of the full professors 12 are under 45 ages . 27 has master's degree and 12 has doctor's degree. Of these 39 teachers, 34 are also under 45. There are over 1000 full time students.
The undergraduate programs includes Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Physics, Applied Physics. Pure Mathematics and Theoretical Physics are warranted to proceed graduate education of Master degree in 2001. Furthermore, the faculty is working together with Zhejiang University and the Southwest Petroleum College to educate postgraduates for masters and doctorate degrees.
 Both teachers and students are encouraged by the faculty principle of work: Efficient, Creative, Ordered.
The development of key academic fields features the scientific study of faculty. It has two provincial and municipal key academic fields and assisted academic fields: Theoretical Physics, Pure Mathematics. It also has a provincial and municipal key laboratories: Separation Membrane and Applied Technology Key Lab.
During the last five years, units of the faculty have taken up 13 national institution research programs,15 provincial and municipal programs, 8 provincial educational programs ,had over 400 thesis published and have 31 articles indexed by SCI during 2000.
 The Faculty is in steady progress in the new century. Students from all around the country are warmly welcomed to study in our faculty.


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