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Faculty of Marine Science
2013-03-09 09:33  

Faculty of Life Science and Biotechnology of NingBo University is famous at home and aboard. In May of 2000, Faculty was established by combining the Dept of Ocean and Fishery, the Dept of Biology, Dept of food science and technology, the Key Laboratory of marine biotechnology in Zhejiang Province and graduate school of Food Science. With the government support, the right guidance of the leader and the entire staff of faculty in a common effort, Faculty has made great strides in every direction in six years.

The construction of teachers

At present, 101 faculty and staff members are affiliated with the Faculty, including 21 professors and 49 associate professors, 5 doctors tutors, 50 Master tutors; 23 teachers with Doctorate, 17 teachers are on - job doctorate; 1 academicians in the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 specially employed professors in Zhejiang province, 1 first-level experts in National “ Millions of the Talented” Project, 12 experts in “151 talented Project of Zhejiang province” , 2 leaders of the key subject in Zhejiang province; At present, the total number of full time students has reached over 850 including 700 undergraduates, 150 postgraduates working for master's degrees.

The construction of Degree

We now have 6 undergraduate programs (biology engineering, biology science (pedagogic or not), biology technology, Food science and engineering, Fishery, Halo bios resource and environment), Fishery ranked first level master’s degree, 7 disciplines (Fishery Resources, Aquiculture, aquatic product processing and preservation engineering, marine biology, Food Science, biochemistry and molecular biology, agricultural extension) ranked second level master’s degree; and also offers doctoral degrees in cooperation with the institute of oceanlogy, Chinese academy of sciences and East China Normal university upbringing; the college host 3 key constructional programs (aquiculture, Food science and engineering at Provincial or Municipal level and 1 ideal courses at provincial level.

The rapid advance in scientific research:The institute’s item, the outlay of scientific research and the amount of thesis and monograph were upgrading during past six years, and lay at the head of school. According to the Stat of 2005, the institute host 235 all aspects of items, including 28 items were staked by the state and the province or the ministry staked 86 items; the institute has wined prizes of numerous academic achievements, including 4 prizes of provincial or ministry level, 20 prizes of municipal level; the institute has issued over 1, 229 academic thesis, including 78 can be searched in SCI or EI publication, 26 monographs; and attended over 106 science conferences at home and abroad. 23 patents were also declared for the national invent patent, and 10 patents were obtained.

Giving actively service for local

During six years, the institute expanded the teaching and scientific research around the marine economy and social development, and insist on the combination of production and study. The institute actively gives great service for the economic development of the province or the city. The institute founded 40 scientific research’s base and practice base for students. Teachers went to the grass roots for prelection or instructing production over 400 times, and there were over 5,000 beneficiaries. The institute provided high quality alga for 300 units in and out province. The institute holds some training courses, including graduate student course, the master of agriculture extension course and so on. The institute also undertaken 3 times Ningbo of “High discussed coursed for excellence farmers entering university”, and provided large quantities of person with ability for locality, at the same time bring economic benefit over one billion.

There are 26 monographs and 1229 dissertations published in variety of journals including 78 retrieval publications (SCI and EI). Attend 106 domestic and foreign academic conferences and apply 23 national invention patents (thereinto 10 items had been approved)
Positively serves the local: recent six years, the institute develops teaching and scientific research works centering on the sea economy and the society develops. Faculty positively serves to develop province and city economy and has established 40 research and student practice bases. Every year the Faculty sends the professors to hold lessons and conduct production in grass roots. Up to now this number accumulates to 400 times and over 5000 persons benefit from those kinds of activities. Algae culture center provides high quality algae to more than 300 units. Except holding many graduate classes, agricultural extension Master classes and certificate training classes for examinant, the faculty also undertook 3 times the Ningbo city outstanding farmer advanced training class. Those classes culture a great many of useful people, simultaneously produce over 10 billions economic benefit.

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