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Faculty of Foreign Language
2013-03-09 09:34  

The Faculty of Foreign Languages, Ningbo University is comprised of four departments; English, Japanese, European Languages and College English. It offers BA programs of English, Japanese and German, and MA programs of English Language and Literature, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, and Japanese Language and Literature, among which English Language and Literature is a first-class subject.

The Faculty boasts an integral teaching and researching team with three provincial level study centers: English Language and Literature, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics and Foreign Language and Culture.


There are altogether 147 staffs in the faculty, of which 16 are full professors, 33 associate professors, with 5-6 foreign teachers on average every year.     


Adopting “Be committed, credible, communicative and courteous” as the faculty motto, attaching great importance to educational reform, the Faculty adopts “platform plus module” training mode, aiming at equipped its students with solid language foundation, wide horizon, and high caliber. Remarkable records have been made by its students in various kinds of language competitions, postgraduate entrance examinations and its graduates are warmly welcomed by employers ranging from enterprises to government offices.


The Faculty encourages its staff to devote to academic researches. With the help of its eight specialized institutes engaging in English Education, English Literature, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Translation Studies, Canada Studies, Japan Studies, Cross-Culture Communication & EU Studies, English for Specific Purposes, the Faculty has undertaken hundreds of projects from both international and national recourses. What’s more, with a well-equipped simultaneous interpretation laboratory, by providing services like interpretation, translation, language training, and website maintenance, the faculty has played an active and effective role in the promotion of the local economy.


Present to now, the faculty has exchange programs both for undergraduates and post-graduates with several foreign schools; name some of them, Kristianstad University, Halmstad University and University West in Sweden, as well as Delaware State University in the US.


There are no full English teaching courses at present, no foreign students, no doctor degree program in our faculty.

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