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Faculty of Teacher's Education
2013-03-09 09:36  
Faculty of Teachers’ Education was merged by previous Faculty of Education and Faculty of Fundamental Education in 2008, which mainly focuses on teachers’ improvement and research on Education science. There are 147 staff including 120 te2achers with 60% professors and 65% PhD and Master holders.

It comprises psychological department and education department. There are applied psychology bachelor program, basic psychology, development and education psychology and applied psychology master programs in psychological department. In education department, there are 4 undergraduate programs such as elementary education, English education, pre-school education and digital media for education, and 6 postgraduate programs including curriculum and teaching, education technology, education economy and management, theory of education, higher education, and adult education. It currently has 44 supervisors for masters.
The faculty runs 3 labs, covering an area of over 8000 square meters, which are education technology, applied psychology and basic education. It deals with 6 national research projects, 25 provincial research projects. The total research funding reaches 10 million. More then 20 books and over 130 high level academic essays were published. It is honored great contribution award by Ningbo University.


The faculty paid great attention on fostering undergraduates and postgraduates. The Ministry of Education online training Ningbo Center and Media innovation for Zhejiang University students base and internship base for teachers in Ningbo are all located in the faculty. Two projects, which were done by students, achieved champion in the “Challenge Cup” of Zhejiang and Third Award in China “Challenge Cup” in 2009. 3 students projects won the first awards in national competition for computer in fine arts universities.


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