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Student Registration
2015-06-10 21:44  

 1. New students must register within the specified time at the International College, Ningbo University, bringing with them their passports, Letter of Admission and Form JW201 or JW202. During registration, they will be asked to fill in the International Students Admission Form, take a copy of the Handbook for International Students, and submit other necessary documents for verification as required by the Letter of Admission. They need also to submit 10 passport photos (2-inch bareheaded with a white background). Degree-students and non-degree students pursuing studies other than Chinese language and culture must also register in the schools and colleges where their academic programs are conducted.

2. Self-funded students must produce their receipts of tuition and fee payment or bank statement showing the payment at the time of registration. They may also make the payment at the time and on the spot of registration.

3. Those who for some reason are not able to register within the specified time period must obtain prior consent from International College for later registration. Failure to register within the two weeks after the specified deadline without valid reasons will be automatically regarded as giving up the admission eligibility.

4. The Letter of Admission for international students shall bear the official seal of the International College, Ningbo University. No other documents issued by any organizations or individuals shall be deemed valid.


                          New Student Orientation


    After registration, new students will be asked to attend an orientation organized by the International College and relevant divisions, which include the exposition of relevant Chinese laws and codes of conduct, introduction to the on-campus rules and regulations, explanation of the handbook for international students, etc. It is an event that all new comers are expected to attend on time.


                          Current Student Registration


    Current students must register at the International College within the specified period at the beginning of each semester. They need to bring with them their student cards, which will be made valid by stamping on it the registration seal. Those who are not able to register with in the specified period for some reasons must request in advance for permission of later registration, or else they will be treated as truants. Failure to register within the two weeks after the specified deadline without permission will automatically lead to the cancelation of their student status.

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