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Regulations on the Payment
2015-06-10 21:47  

Regulations on the Payment

of Tuition and Fees

for Self-funded International Students


    1. Tuition and fees paid by international students shall be settled in RMB and, if remitted in a foreign currency, shall be settled in RMB based on the bank exchange rate.

2. Self-funded international students shall pay their tuition, accommodation fees and other payable fees at the time of registration at the beginning of a semester or academic year, or else they will not be able to go through the registration formalities. Tuition fees of degree students shall be paid by academic year, i.e. once for the whole academic year, and those of non-degree students of Chinese language and culture are paid by semester, i.e. once for the whole semester.

3. Self-funded students whose studies are suspended with the approval from the university will not have their tuition fees for the current semester refunded. The fees will be used for the semester when their studies are resumed.

4. In case that a self-funded international student are unable to continue his/her studies for special reasons such as illness or poor financial situation of his/her family after paying tuition fees, the university will refund the fees after deducting the used part by month (counting from the beginning date of a semester and including the current month). No tuition fees will be refunded to those who drop out for the following causes:

a. Those whose total hours of truancy within a semester exceed a half of total class hours of the semester;

b. Those who act in such a way that normal teaching order of the university or social public order is seriously interfered with and disturbed;

c. Those who violate the laws or codes of China to a flagrant extent and result in grave consequences.

5. Students who have obtained residence permits planning to quit schooling must have their residence permits cancelled at the Department of Entry & Exit Administration of Ningbo Public Security Bureau within three days after submitting their drop-out requests, or else no tuition fees will be refunded.

6. Non-degree students of Chinese language and culture who plan to continue studying for another semester must make an application one week before the end of the current semester and pay tuition fees for the coming semester before their residence permit or visa can be extended. Those who decide not to continue studying in the coming semester after obtaining the residence extension permits for continuing studies must have the extension permits cancelled. The tuition fees they have paid to the university for the coming semester will be refunded to them with the percentage for one month deducted. Students who do not ask for extending their stay for another semester will be automatically treated as those who have completed their studies.

7. According to certain Chinese financial regulations, students who request refund must give back their original payment receipts. Students are advised to keep them properly.

8. International undergraduate students who temporarily leave China to participate in the university’s study-abroad programs for a semester or year need to pay a major registration fee to the university, the amount being 37.5% of the total tuition fees for the year or semester. Expenses concerning the study-abroad program shall be otherwise paid as specified.

9. Those degree students who fail to finish their schooling within the specified length of programs and need to extend their length of studies must pay regular tuition fees for the extended year or semester.

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