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Regulations on Laboratory Experiment
2015-06-10 21:48  

Regulations on Laboratory Experiment

for Undergraduate Students


    I. Students having entered a lab must strictly comply with various rules and regulations of the lab, follow instructions and cooperate with the management.

II. Prior to an experiment, students must receive safety education and must pay attention to safety during experiments to prevent personal and equipment accidents from happening.

    III. Prior to an experiment lesson, students must study seriously experiment instructions and school books related to the experiment, and understand the targets, principles and methods of doing the experiment. Instructing personnel are entitled to cancel the experiments of those who have not done the pre-studies or arrive late without valid reasons.

    IV. Students shall get into a lab in experiment costumes and shall not walk around, eat food or throw sundries carelessly in labs. They are not allowed to fiddle with instruments and equipment irrelevant to the experiment and shall keep quiet, refrain from talking loudly during experiments. They shall neither bring articles irrelevant to the experiment into the lab nor take lab articles out of the lab.

    V. Students must carry out experiments with a scientific attitude of being practical and realistic, take action themselves in determining data, seriously keep an original experiment record instead of scamping it and have the supervising teacher sign it. They must complete reports independently, with no plagiarizing or fabricating, after doing experiments and submit them on time to the course teacher.

VI. When using instruments and equipment, students must strictly comply with the application instructions. They must stop using the instruments or equipment if something unusual is detected, and then inform immediately the experiment instructor. Those who fail to follow the application instructions and cause damage to the instruments and equipment or other accidents will be subject to disciplinary actions taken by the university.

    VII. Student’s consciousness of safety and environment protection shall be enhanced. Students shall receive, use, store and dispose of biochemical reagents, radioactive or virulent articles, germ, animals and other experiment stuff in accordance with relevant regulations.

    VIII. Upon completion of doing experiments, students shall clear the experiment site and put instruments, tools and the like back to their original positions, and shall not leave the lab without the consent of the instructing teacher.

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