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Regulations on Dormitory
2015-06-10 21:49  

Regulations on Dormitory

Management & Off-campus Dwelling


Regulation on Management

of International Student Dormitories at Ningbo University


    The measures are hereby developed with relevant university regulations as their basis and international student management practice as important references.

Article 1 Dwelling students must sign a dwelling contract and secure a dwelling registration card.

Article 2 Students must dwell in the designated dormitory buildings and rooms. No one is allowed to move into a student dormitory or change his/her dwelling room/bed without the approval of the dormitory management.

    Article 3 In principle, student dormitory buildings do not provide additional rooms for students’ dependents like spouse or children. Those who have dependents to live with them must make a prior request to International Office of Cooperation and the dormitory management. Such dependents will not be able to move in until the approval is obtained and certain expenses paid.

    Article 4 Dwelling students must pay accommodation fees, water & electricity fees, etc. in a timely fashion.

    Article 5 Students who are to withdraw from dormitory dwelling must go through the withdrawal formalities with the dormitory management. For those who wish to withdraw ahead of time for reasons like graduation, completion of a course of study, dropping out, dismissal, suspension, transfer to another school or leaving China, refund of the paid accommodation fee will be granted for the remaining months (not including the month when the request for the withdraw is submitted); for those who withdraw for other reasons, accommodation fee for half a semester will be charged for dwelling time less than half a semester and that for one semester charged for dwelling time more than half a semester but less than one semester. Temporary dwelling outside the designated dormitory buildings because of internship shall be treated the same as normal dwelling in school and therefore no withdrawal treatment will be granted.

 Students who have had withdrawal formalities settled must remove all their personal articles out of their dormitory within a period of 3 days starting from the date on which the withdrawal formalities are complete. Those who fail to move out by specified time limit without valid reasons will be deemed as stay in default and their belongs will be moved out in accordance with relevant regulations of the university.

 Article 6 Dwelling students must cooperate with the university for matters such as remolding or changing the use of the dormitories/rooms. They must follow the unified arrangement of the university when there is a need to re-arrange their dwelling places.

    Article 7 Dwelling students must consciously maintain dormitory security, enhance their security and law awareness, and improve their ability of precaution, self aid and evacuating from disastrous situations.

    Article 8 Those dwelling students who detect an accident, such as fire and fire alarm, shall timely take actions like giving an alarm and evacuating from the site. Those who run into a criminal or public security case or the like shall keep the scene intact, contact the security division and dormitory management immediately and provide necessary assistance.

Article 9 Dwelling students should not take in a person other than from their own dormitory for the night. If they do so and the act causes any loss of private or public property in the dormitory or physical injury of other dwellers, the doers will have to bear legal and compensation liabilities.

    Article 10 Dwelling students must pay attention to anti-theft security and take good care of their personal articles; they shall neither lend their dormitory keys to others nor change their door locks or fit an additional lock without permission. They must inform the dormitory management immediately if their key is lost and have their door lock changed by the dormitory management.

 Article 11 Dwelling students shall consciously comply with regulations on visitor reception in dormitories and on dormitory security management, and consciously cooperate with the managerial staff in management. Visitors must register with the duty room and comply with relevant regulations on visitor reception management.

    Article 12 To maintain good operational order and keep dormitory facilities and equipment running well, dormitory management personnel are to execute relevant inspections or check-ups on regular or irregular basis.

    Article 13 An infectious disease declaration system is effectuated in student dormitories. Anyone who contracts any of the infectious diseases specified in the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases shall report on his/her own initiative to managerial personnel in his/her building. Students who find a suspectable infectious disease patient in the dormitories must contact the management timely. Infectious disease patients, pathogen carriers and suspectable infectious disease patients must follow the medical instructions and advice from the university hospital and actively cooperate for necessary medical and accommodation arrangements before they are cured or the suspicion removed.

Article 14 Dwelling students are expected to consciously protect public sanitation and help create a clean, tidy and orderly dwelling environment. They must dump indoor garbage directly into designated barrels, or take bagged garbage timely to designated garbage stack, put dangerous wastes into designated storage site. Please consciously take good care of the greens around the dormitories.

    Article 15 N/A

 Article 16 Business and other associated activities are prohibited in student dormitories. No individuals or organizations will be allowed to hold profit-oriented or fee-collecting activities such as pyramid selling in student dormitories without the approval of the dormitory management. Students who need to conduct non-business operations of publicity must hang posters or make arrangements in designated area, after obtaining the approval of the dormitory management.

    Article 17 Students withdrawing from dwelling in their dormitories must do so in compliance with relevant disciplines and regulations. When moving out,they must take good care of the dormitory property and facilities, cooperate with personnel in checking the facilities and equipment, and make all deferred payments before leaving.

    Article 18 Students must make proper use of water/electricity facilities, doors, windows, furniture, fixed telephone and a variety of other facilities and equipment in their dormitory building and dwelling rooms.

 Article 19 Furniture used by an individual in the dwelling room must be properly kept by the user. Shared furniture must be taken good care of jointly by those who share it. Without the concent of the management, no furniture equipped in the rooms by the university should be lent to others, and no self-provided furniture or furniture from other places moved in and used in a student dormitory. And without the management’s consent, no furniture, facilities or equipment in the dormitories can be dismantled, displaced, or discarded.

    Article 20 The dormitory management on each campus is entrusted by the university with the task of sorting, counting, checking and repairing dormitory facilities and equipment at irregular intervals. Students who find any facility or equipment damaged or lost must contact the dormitory duty room for repair or replacement. Full compensation shall be made for any facility or equipment damage, and the responsible persons must bear the cost for repair or replacement.

    Article 21 Students must pay attention to the safe use of electricity. Electrical appliances equipped in dormitories are not to be repaired or dismantled without permission; damage of facilities or equipment caused by improper use will be borne by the user. Students must purchase and use certified electrical products made by accredited manufacturers. Dormitory management personnel are entitled to stop electricity consuming activities in violation of regulations.

Article 22 N/A

    Article 23 A dwelling student who is to install and use an electrical appliance with rated power over 200 watts in the dormitory must make an application to and be approved by the dormitory management office. The applicant should sign a pledge for safe electric consumption.

    Article 24 For installation of a high-power electrical appliance, the applicant must, along with the high-power electrical appliance installation permission from the dormitory management, have the installation professional to install it in the designated place. In case of a failure arising when the appliance is in operation, the user must contact the manufacturer or a professional for repair and mustn’t dismantle it at will.

    Article 25 Students should follow the layout specifications of their dwelling rooms, to decorate their dwelling rooms in a healthy and elegant style.

    Article 26 Dwelling students shall comply with university disciplines, regulations, etc. Violators will be treated in accordance with relevant articles.

    Article 27 In the event that a discipline violation takes place in a dormitory building, those who are involved will be subject to relevant disciplinary sanction in accordance with the Rules of Ningbo University on the Treatment of Student Disciplinary Violations and, in serious cases, their related economic and legal responsibilities will be imposed.

    Article 28 Relevant division of the university shall be entitled to stop any of the following acts found in the dormitories and give a public reprimand or disciplinary sanction, depending on the seriousness of the case, or even investigate and affix legal responsibilities.

    1. Acts that affect public order:

    (1) Refusing to cooperate with the university in sanitary, disciplinary and safety inspections;

(2) Dumping garbage at random inside and outside buildings; carelessly splashing contaminated water or pouring water into a garbage bin;

(3) Scrawling over walls and corridors or carelessly posting and circulating various posters, fly sheets and the like;

    (4) Furnishing a dwelling room without permission or driving iron nails or other hard stuff into wall surface;

 (5) Displacing or dismantling furniture, facilities or equipment without permission;

    (6) Installing a high-power electrical appliance without permission;

    (7) (N/A)

(8) Raising a pet;

    (9) Dumping leftovers into sewage and causing jam;

 (10) Causing serious waste of public water/electricity consumption;

    (11) Illicit and criminal activities like excessive drinking, gambling, whoring, drug abuse and drug trafficking;

    (12) Other acts that disturb public order.

    2. Acts that affect security

    (1) (N/A)

    (2) Extending an Internet wire or telephone wire without permission or adjusting a water/electricity meter without permission;

    (3) Piling up bikes or discarding sundries and the like in a hallway, corridor, fire passage, dwelling room or balcony;

    (4) (N/A)

    (5) Dangerous behaviors like climbing a door/window, attic or railing;

    (6) Duplicating a room door key or changing a door lock without permission or lending a dwelling room key to others without permission;          

    (7) Exchanging dwelling rooms and beds with others occupying other bed, or lending or relenting a bed to others without permission;

    (8) Violating entrance guard management regulations;

    (9) Storing flammable/explosible articles;

    (10) Using various high-power electric appliances like electric cooker, eletric pot and electric radiator or flammable articles like electric blanket;

    (11) Cooking or barbecuing food in a room;

    (12) Other behaviors that affect public security.

    3. Behavior that disturb others study or rest

    (1) Speaking loudly or playing chess or ball games; doing other forms of sports during self-study or sleeping time;

  (2) Failure to control the sound volume of electronic audio or video devices; talking, laughing, singing and frolicking loudly late at night with no attention to others study and rest.

    4. Violation of relevant provisions of the Dwelling Agreement for Students at Ningbo University.

    5. Other behaviors in violation of the dormitory dwelling rules of the university.

    Article 29 The dormitory management reserves the right to cancel the dwelling eligibility of those students who violate the provisions of the dormitory dwelling rules or fail to abide by the dwelling contract and refuse to change their ways of behavior despite of repeated admonition. To regain their eligibility, such students must make a pledge that they are willing to comply with the dwelling rules and the provisions of the dwelling agreement, obtain the approval of the dormitory management and then resettle the dwelling formalities.

    Article 30 Students will be asked to dwell in different dormitory buildings on different campuses according to the unified arrangement of the university. Relevant management regulations (or advices) are developed for each dormitory building; students must also comply with them.

    Article 31 Interpretation of this document shall be the responsibility of International College and the dormitory management.

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