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Security Regulations and Advices
2015-06-10 21:49  

Security Regulations and Advices


    1. Traffic safety: Comply strictly with traffic rules and regulations. No drunken biking or driving is allowed. No driving of motorcycle, fuel-powered moped and high-powered battery bike is allowed. No carrying of others while biking. No speeding.

2. Prevention from fire: In school dormitories, use of super-high power electrical appliances is strictly prohibited; no hazardous articles are to be taken into the dormitories and stored; electric wires shall not be extended and connected arbitrarily without permission; use of fuel gas is strictly prohibited. Students dwelling off campus are strongly advised to use the electricity and gas safely.

    3. Protection against theft: Secure doors and windows when getting out. Properly keep credentials, money and valuables safe when shopping outside or taking a public conveyance. Do not go to an out-of-the-way place alone. No take-in of others for the night is allowed without permission.

 4. Dietetic hygiene: Do not buy beverage and food from a stand that does not have a hygienic license. Have food washed clean and adequately cooked when cooking by yourself.

5. No alcoholism: Do not have excessive drinking in dormitory or go out for drinking late at night.

 6. Smoking control: Smoking at public places like classroom, dining hall and elevator is strictly prohibited.

    7. Prevention of infectious diseases like flu: Please go to a hospital for treatment and inform the teacher responsible for your class as soon as symptoms like cold and fever appear.

8. Protection against natural disasters: Pay attention to self protection measures and ensure personal safety in case of disastrous weather like lightning stroke and rainstorm.

9. Prevention of psychological diseases: Build up a mental health consciousness, enhance psychological adjustability and adaptability, and go timely to a hospital or psychological consultation office for help in the event of psychological perplexity.

    10. Avoidance of disputes: Help make your dormitory a quiet and comfortable place. Do not speak loudly. Do not play sound equipment in high volume. Retain self-control when coming into conflict with others. Ask relevant managerial personnel to mediate and settle the dispute instead of having it your own way.

 11. In case of emergency, please remain self-possessed while contacting departments of public security as well as the staff.

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