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News & Events
Durango Government Delegation from Mexico visited Ningbo University
2012-03-02 10:35  

Durango Government Delegation headed by Governor Jorge Herrera Caldera of 29 members visited Ningbo University on 19th of April. Some leaders from Foreign Affairs Office of Ningbo Municipal People’s Government and Ningbo Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Bureau also visited us with the delegation. President Nie Qiuhua and Vice President Wang Wenbin met the delegation in An Zhong Hall.

President Nie sent a warm welcome to delegation and briefly introduced the current situation of Ningbo University. Governor of Durango expressed being glad to visit Ningbo University and also put forward the main of the visiting which is establishing the relationship between Ningbo university and Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango. Vice president Wang Wenbin introduced the history, current situation and the interaction with universities in Mexico during the meeting. During the discussion, Economy development department of Durango acquired the details about the study, living condition, tuition fee and living expenses for international students in Ningbo University. He is interested in sending students to Ningbo University for study.

The visit of Durango Government Delegation brings good opportunity for us to consolidate the cooperation with universities in Mexico. The MOU was singed between Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango and Ningbo University. In terms of the MOU, the two sides will focus on the collaboration in jointed programs, exchange students, Chinese training and research cooperation etc. The delegation visited the planning hall after the meeting.

Headers from President Office, Foreign Affairs Office, Business School, Faculty of Foreign Language, Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Environment, College of Technology and Science, International College attended the meeting.

Durango is located the North inland of Mexico. The distance from North to South is 520 kilometers and from east to west is 480 kilometers. It covers total area of 123,180 square kilometers and occupies 6.08% of the whole nation. It is the forth largest city in Mexico and 770 kilometer far from Mexico City. It was established in 22nd of May in 1824. There are 39 cities and population of 1.55 million. It is the second largest zone for gold and silver production and the third largest for plumbum, and the fifth largest for copper. The state is most famous for mining, agriculture, animal husbandry and paper making.  


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