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News & Events
Two Grubbs jointly gave speech to students in Ningbo University
2012-06-15 10:37  

Mr. Robert H. Grubbs, professor of California Institute of Technology, Academician of Academy of Science Technology and also the 2005 Nobel Chemistry Nobel’s Prize winner Visited Ningbo University and jointly gave speech with his son, Mr. Robert Bernard Grubbs, associate professor in the New York University, for the students. His Catalyst is used by More than 70 companies of The Global top 100 Medicine and Chemical Companies and many other fields.

June 6, the father and son were invited to give speech to students in Ningbo University, which is the 143 lecture for the ‘three to be Lecture’. The topic of the Choice of Grubbs’ Life made the students learn a lot. President Nie Qiuhua Chaired the Speech.

Mr. Robert H. Grubbs showed his humor and also the rich experiences. He talked about his study and how to set the goal of life. He found out that it was interesting to work in chemistry when he was an assistant in the lab since he was not a chemistry major student. His hard work was recognized by his supervisor who recommended him to study for Master degree in University of Columbia. After the study in UC, He moved to Stanford University and researched on the Catalyst field for more than 40 years. At last, he was honored the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2005. He motivate students not be frightened by failure, which will bring you success. Mr. Robert Bernard Grubbs also talked about his study and life.

President Nie Qiuhua highly praised the excellent speech the two professors made and also summarized the speech: 1. interests are the best teacher. 2. Not being frightened by the failure. 3. Cherish the life in university.

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