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Law School
2013-03-09 09:29  

Founded on May 18, 2000, Law School is composed of three academic schools: Law、social science and moral education. The Department of Law is one of the earliest departments founded in Ningbo University, aided by The Department of Law of Peking University, while Social Science Department grows out of the department of politics and history of pre-Ningbo Teacher's College, which was founded in 1982.

Law School includes four teaching units: department of law, department of public administration, department of politics, and department of ideological and political theory education. The faculty has 11 research institutes: the institute of civil and commercial law, the institutes Economic Law、the institute of International Law、the institute of criminal law, the institute of politics, the institute of public administration and so on . Besides, there are two attached institutes, namely Ningbo’s Center for Research on Women and Decision Research Center of Ningbo. We possess two professional graduate specialties (JM and MPA), five common graduate specialties (civil commercial law, economic law, Marxism, ideological and political education, and study of Marxism in china), and law as a second major bachelor degree, undertaking the ideological and political theory course covering all students. We have one provincial-level key subject (civil commercial law), four municipal-level key subjects and one municipal-level key research institute. What’s more, we collaborative with our sister schools to establish a provincial-level key research institute---research centre of marine culture and economy of Zhejiang province, and Professor Zheng Mengzhuang from our faculty is the head of the institute.

Since its establishment, our faculty focuses on regulating the management of teaching, strengthening the construction of system, exploring the teaching contents and the reform of curriculum system, developing key programs’ construction actively, promoting the teaching methods and examination method. Besides, the Faculty has established cooperation with Rouen University in France and sends exchange students to study abroad every year.

The faculty has enlisted several practical courses into the education plan to promote the teaching reform, such as the Practice of Mimic Court, the Practice of Non-litigation law Behavior and the Practice of Law Clinic. It has many modern teaching facilities such as law behavior lab (including the mimic court and non-litigation law behavior lab), office-automation lab, law clinic (a law center to protect the rights of social vulnerable group), and digital lab and so on. Also, the number of books in the reference room has amounted to twenty thousand. Our law school gets remarkable achievements benefited from practical teaching method, implementing a four-year internship system to all law majors. The summer internship group, "Law caravan", has won the title of "the outstanding summer internship group of Zhe Jiang Province” for consecutive 6 years, and the Law Clinic has been covered by more than ten Medias like Zhe Jiang Daily and Guangming Daily. Today, our law majors have gained much priority in our school as well as in Zhe Jiang Province, especially the administration management, which has got great attention from school, municipal and provincial levels. We have many courses ranking ahead within the province, like Constitution, economic law and the Introduction of Maoism and so on.

The faculty now has 1251 full-time undergraduate students and 127 postgraduates. The Students are strict with themselves in study, hard-working, aggressive, creative and outstanding. For example, Shang Congcong, a Bachelor of law enrolled in 2000, participated twice in international academic conferences respectively in Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro in 2003. Meanwhile, he received 150000 Hong Kong Dollars for the funds of the scientific research from the United Nation's Institute on regional Crime and Prevention. Furthermore, since the beginning of Civil Service Examinations in 2001, students from this faculty have been among the best in the exams in the system of procuratorates and courts throughout the whole province. About one third of graduates have become civil servants or postgraduates of all levels. One of our alumnus, Zhang Xuejun is named the "National Top Ten judge". Some graduates have become leaders in different posts.

The faculty has 101 teaching and administrative staff, including 93 full-time teachers, and 8 administrative and support staff. Among full-time faculty, there're 17 full professors, 43 associate professors, 19 instructors with a Ph. D. Degree and 13 teachers studying for the doctorate. It also has 1 "Scholar of Yongjiang River", 4 elitists in the second level of "The 151 Project for Talents in the New Century" and 2 young academic pacesetters in colleges in Zhejiang Province. The faculty has hired 24 part-time teachers, among whom there is 1 Bao Yugang chair professor, 1 course chair professor, as well as 22 guest and part-time professors.

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