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Faculty of Arts
2013-03-09 09:31  

The undisputed leader of arts education in Zhejiang Province, Ningbo University’s College of Arts provides comprehensive degree programs and training in Music, Design, and Fine Arts. With diverse backgrounds and a wealth of experiences, the college’s 800 full time students collaborate—often across disciplines—to produce a wide range of concerts, recitals, exhibitions, master classes and yearly productions that extend to first place showings in prestigious international music and art competitions, high profile fashion exhibitions, and even the first comprehensive program of jazz music in Mainland China.

The college is mentored by 22 professors and associate professors, among 72 professional/full time teachers, who hold distinguished international credentials, including Ph.D.s and Fulbright Professorships from the USA and Europe. These esteemed professionals have often risen to the top of their fields, while in publication of numerous art books, calligraphy collections, monographs and acclaimed scholarship, while faculties’ works appear on provincial art exhibitions of all classifications and internationally broadcast music based radio and television programs. In recent years, distinguished international artists and scholars have made the Ningbo University College of Arts a regular and favored stop for guest performances and lectures.

The college attaches great importance to the interdisciplinary nature of music, fine arts, art design and digital art. To accomplish this synthesis of genres inherent of a comprehensive university, faculty and students strive towards creation of an enviornment sympathetic to diverse artistic enrichment. Moreover, the College of Arts undertakes various levels of research at the municipal, provincial and national levels, while many teachers’ works are awarded and exhibited in competitions of music, art design, fine arts and calligraphy.

In demonstration of an ongoing respect for international exchange and cooperation, the college has established friendly interactive relationships with institutions from other countries and regions like the United States, Holland, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and elsewhere. A longstanding cooperative relationship has been established with the University of Central Arkansas, while exchanges with University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Japanese Bunka Fashion College (BFC), and University of Canberra in Australia increase exponentially, alongside numerous high profile exchanges of both students and faculty.

Relying on the unique international culture of Ningbo and its ongoing prospects for enhanced productivity and development, the College of Arts is an energetic, youthful, and vibrant component within a comprehensive first tier university, with strong contemporary programs that signal even brighter and more confident tomorrows.

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